PVC-free static window film

Dekoban EcoStatic – glueless, PVC-free foil for windows

Dekoban® EcoStatic static window foil is a high-quality product for people looking for an easy and non-invasive way to decorate their windows and isolate themselves from the curious glances of neighbors. Now in a PVC-free version!

Be eco and keep privacy

Static foil does not require the use of glue, but only applies a thin layer of water to the glass surface during application using a sprayer.

Static foils are also an interesting product for versatile use on other glass surfaces such as interior doors, display windows, glass tables, etc. They can also be used as an element of decoration/ensuring the privacy of glass shower cabins.

Advantages of the Dekoban EcoStatic foils

  • Dekoban EcoStatic window foil does not contain PVC.
  •      No glue! Application without glue using the static phenomenon.
  •      Easy adaptation to the window thanks to the cutting lines placed on the foil backing
  •      Multiple uses. It can be used many times and does not leave any traces after disassembly.
  •      Washable and resistant, durable (foil thickness 0.22 mm) and easy to clean.
  •      Resistant to cleaning products and detergents.
  •      Privacy without sacrificing light. Traditional glazing products do not provide both benefits at the same time, either the customer has privacy or sunlight.
  •      Non-toxic. It is TÜV certified. Safe for you and your loved ones.
  •      Cheaper. A great, cheaper alternative to sandblasted window panes and blinds or roller shutters systems.
  •      Increases protection against UV radiation.

Easy and quick assembly

The application of Dekoban® EcoStatic static foil:

  •      prepare scissors/trimming knife, optionally: water sprayer, squeegee
  •      measure the window and cut the foil to the appropriate size
  •      clean and degrease the surface to which the foil will be applied (for better results, you can spray the glass with water)
  •      remove the protective layer (transparent foil with cutting lines) and place the foil itself on the window
  •      smooth the surface with your hand or a squeegee to push out air bubbles from under the foil
  •      the protective foil and the foil backing are recyclable – throw them into the appropriate garbage container

See how simple it is!

Available designs

Arrangement gallery

Examples of arrangements using Dekoban Static and EcoStatic

Where to buy?

Dekoban® EcoStatic static foil is available in good interior design and window decoration stores and online:

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